Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow...have you been wondering where I'd gone???

LOL...well I am still here, and I have some news.....................
Now...for the whole time I have been blogging, I have met some pretty great people.........BUT I have had my fair share of Fisherbabe haters...and trust me do they ever hate.
I have been called all kinds of names, accused of all sorts of sins on my character, accused of stealing men/husbands/you name it, and accused of being a dumb blonde who talks way to much about feeling sexy and showing your feminine side in all outdoor activities that life offers....That is just me...that is who I am...love me or hate me...I am not changing a thing!!!
But over the years I have found that you can't concentrate on the haters...it's the lovers that are important, my friends!!!
SO I AM BACK...love me or hate me...I am still here!!! BUT NOW...as of 09/20/2011, I am an ATTORNEY licensed to practice in the state of Nebraska.
THAT'S RIGHT MY FRIENDS...instead of fishing this summer, I have been working my fabulous, but brilliant, (and sexy...that's right I said it ") fishing booty off in the library studying for the bar!!! AND I PASSED!!!!! ;)
Oh how I have missed fishing...how I have missed connecting to all my fishing friends!!! The time of studying and bar-ass kicking started in May right after my trip to Saskatchewan and only ended this week (when I recieved my bar-ass kicking scores!!!)
So I am proof that there is no reason to equate femininity with dumb (or bimbo-ness for that matter) or not to be a modern, fun loving woman who is comfortable showing her feminine/sexy side!!! :)
And the next time someone hates on me...I can just say...I am a fish lovin, tackle-box totin, ass-kickin Attorney...who the hell are you ;)
Can you tell I am PROUD...well I am...cuz, maaaaaan, that test was a bi-otch...LOL!!!
SO to kick things off, I will finally post my experiences from Oliver Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan sometime next week...and finally get back to planning for the next trip...even though the Fisherhubby is in CANADA RIGHT NOW...
Can you believe that son-of-a-(curse word) went without me??????? WTH right???? LOL...I sure hope he's having fun...he's gonna hear about this one for a long damn time ;)
Happy Congratulations To Me...and Oh am I happy to be back!!!!! I missed you guys!!!
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe


  1. Girl, don't let the haters get you down! I feel bad for women who don't understand you or I, but guess what we rock & thats it! Congrats on the bar exam!!!!

  2. It's great to hear from you again, and congratulations!

    Bar-ass-kicking you say...I could go for a little of that myself...

    Reese Witherspoon wisecrack in 3...2...1...


  3. Welcome back Lizzy! Congrats on passing the bar!

  4. Congrats Lizzy! The fish appreciated the break from you....now go gettem!!! Welcome back.

  5. You should be very proud! Although any statement that starts "INSTEAD of fishing"...come on now. I am very happy for you anyhow! Definitally a babe not to be messed with on the water or in the courtroom!

  6. Welcome back!!!

    Congratulations for recognizing who you are! Hot, fun (fishing, beer, etc), and smart...triple threat to some....fun to follow for the rest....

    PS. Being from Canada, I understand why Fisherhubby couldn't resist! You'll get your turn!


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