Sunday, February 6, 2011

There's Trouble in LIZZYLAND...

and it ALL has to do with my U.S. Tacklebox. might not know this about me BUT...I have 2 tackleboxes that are each dedicated to fishing in one specific country...LOL ;) The reasons for this method are simple...different locations, different fish, and different sizes call for different tackle, and I don't want to have to re-design and change out my lure and tackle selections every time I go fishing. Sooooo...I have a U.S. tacklebox and a Canadian tacklebox. Trust me...the system works...LOL ;) might ask...if this system is so perfect, what trouble could it possibly cause poor old Lizzy??? me picky, call me wierd, call me OCD, but I hate my U.S. box. HATE IT!!!! I was just re-organizing it for my upcoming trip to Beaver Lake, and O.m.G!!!!! There is no room, the compartments are too small to fit most lures, there are absolutely no compartments for tool storage, AND my extra stow-a-way boxes are difficult to maneuver into (and out of) the bottom. It is just the worst!!!!
Now, I always use Plano hip-roof tackleboxes because the compartments are large, there are lots of them, and the fold out trays make putting things into the bottom super easy!! My Canadian box is a Plano 9606, and it ROCKS!!! But, for some reason when I bought my U.S. box, I went momentarily stupid and purchased another brand. What the hell was I thinking???? This box sucks!!!
For the record, I just want to put it out there that PLANO does NOT pay me or compensate me in any manner for using or reviewing their products. I choose to use Plano products because they are strong, durable, and trustworthy. I choose to review Plano products because I want my friends to know that they can trust that they will get a dependable product from a company that still truly cares about the products they make AND the people who purchase them. I am stuck with a tacklebox that I HATE, and let me tell you that is seriously enough to ruin a lot of the fun of getting all the tackle and lures together...having the wrong gear can be SOOOOOO frustrating. I was really considering just going out and purchasing another Plano 9606 today so that I could spend the evening drinking a beer, organizing my tacklebox, shopping for more lures online, and daydreaming about catching massive stripers. However, none of my local retailers seem to have this item in stock or they just do not carry it at this time.
So now we have a severly disappointed Fisherbabe, and a tacklebox that I want to take out back for a little "office space" therapy...
Ugh... ;)
Here's hoping your Sunday is ROCKIN enough for the both of us ;)
Happy Fishing ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe


  1. Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy,

    tsk, tsk - I don't even know where to start


  2. LOL...yeah...I had to get it all out of my system!!!

    Joe...I know...I am disappointed in myself for purchasing a tacklebox that was not from PLANO...I got it a couple of years ago and it has sucked from the start...LOL ;) I have learned my lesson though...only 9606's for me from here on out ;)


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