Sunday, March 29, 2009

OKAY...How Bad Did You Miss Me???????

Hey Guys!!! I just got back from an amazing cruise to the Yucatan Penisula. I wasn"t able to post on the boat because I was SOOOO busy eating free ice cream 24 hours a day!!! I will be back home on Tuesday though so be sure and check back then for a new post!!! Thanks for checking in and stopping by while I was gone...Can't wait to post some awesome pictures and get back to planning for my awesome fishing trip in May!!! Happy To Be Home ~ LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Laying The Hammer Down... I understand being skeptical of fishing lures and their capabilities. I have had many comments and emails on my post "Top 5 Canadian Pike Lures" from people who either cannot believe that I would fish for Pike with these wimpy lures or cannot believe that their favorite lures are not included :) I understand that we all have our favorites and ask my readers to keep in mind that these are just my favorites and I am not trying to discount your favorites.
As a matter of fact, I ask that you all comment and give me your favorite Pike lures. I would love to hear what works for you all or what you have caught your biggest Pike on. I would actually like to try them out. So please comment and let me know what your favorites are :)
I got a number of requests for the picture of the Cabelas Generic that is # 2 on my list. I have decided to post it here today as a special treat for my readers. Please remember that this lure is discontinued and therefore must be handpainted to be replicated.
This is the original Cabelas Generic Lure. As you can see, they have both been used and have quite a few bite marks...on many trips the Generic and the Hammer come back with no paint at all.
I stole this one from my husbands tackle box for this photo...I hope I am not fighting a divorce tomorrow...LOL!!! As many of you know, he refused to give me one of these lures even as a wedding present!!
This is the Generic that I handpainted using the red and white Cabelas Canadian Casting Spoon. It looks much like the original and moves
the same way. It can be a frustrating process however to paint one of these on your own. I enjoy lure painting though and always
paint a few lures before each trip!! You just never know what is gonna be the hot lure for those PIKE!!
This is the famed "Orange Hammer". I am posting this picture to show those skeptics who cannot believe this lure is great just how great it is. I know it does not make sense why Pike love it but, as you can tell from the lack of paint on the lure, they LOVE IT!!!
So there it is...a family secret that I may get into BIG trouble for telling...but oh well!!!! See there...I am willing to risk divorce for my readers!! :)
Please keep checking back soon ~ I intend to run a contest soon and maybe you will be the one to win one of these famed "Generic" Pike Lures!!!
Happy Fishing and Happy Lure Making ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Monday, March 16, 2009

Top 5 Lures for Canadian Pike...

My husband has been fishing for Canadian Pike for over 25 years. I just started. So when I finally decided to start fishing, and I mean seriously fishing, I asked him what he thought the top five lures for Canadian Pike really were. He gave me some examples and then, on my first fishing trip, I tested them out. I have to admit. Only one lure was really hot that first year...and many years after - The Orange Hammer!!! However, I caught Pike on each of the following lures and I find that they are, indeed, my top picks for Canadian Pike.
1. The Orange Hammer - (7/8 oz)
If I could only take one lure to Canada with me for some serious Pike fishing, I would definately rely on the Orange Hammer. Now...keep in mind that this name has come from my family. If you go to Cabelas and ask for an Orange Hammer...they are going to look at you like you are crazy. This lure is in fact only sold Cabelas as the "hammered nickel and orange canadian casting spoon" and can be found at
I, along with my family, swear by this lure, and I always have at least 7 in my tackle box at all times. Along with Pike, this lure caught me well over 400 Walleye in Canada last year. It was amazing. Take my word for it.
This is also a lure that is not commonly acknowledged or used among Pike a matter of fact, we often get smug smiles when we suggest this lure...but then guess who really brings in the Master Anglers and TROPHY PIKE....there has been more times than one that a Guide has asked my family what lure they were using when they caught their big pike!!! Also, this lure has worked on every lake that it has been tried on. There has been no variation for success due to the location of the lake.
2. The Cabela's Generic -(7/8 oz)
This lure is no longer available for purchase at Cabelas. Therefore, I am giving you an incredible secret right here on This lure is so amazing that my family will not part with their limited stock of the original lure. My husband even refused to give me one of these sacred lures for a wedding present. This is how amazing and how limited in supply this lure is.
Therefore, I had to learn to paint my own. This spoon can be made by taking a regular red and white Cabelas Canadian Casting Spoon and painting it the colors that make up the Generic Colored Spoon. These colors are Orange and Chartreuse. I made about 5 of these last year and they were very easy to make.
I started by painting the lure a white base coat. After this paint dried completely, I then taped the curved pattern of the original (red and white spoon) onto the lure and proceeded to paint the green and orange where the red and white was. I know this sounds confusing. If you would like specific instructions on making this lure please email me or comment and I will be more specific. Also take a look at the picture and you can see how the paint was placed on the lure and the curve of the pattern.
It is important to get this paint right as it is the movement of the spoon along with the pattern that really makes this lure a success. I have other lures that are painted differently with the same colors that did not catch any fish. Therefore, the pattern and coloring is very important.
I can tell you many stories of how this lure has been the only hot lure on a fishing trip. My husband and his father swear by this lure and have said many times that it is their go-to lure for Pike. It is also a lure that is not commonly known among other Pike fisherman and Guides in Canada.
3. The Silver Minnow (weedless) -
The Silver Minnow is a go to lure for spots that really weedy. As you all may know, Pike like to lay in those shallow weedbeds to warm up in the spring. Therefore, when you fish during these times a weedless is often needed. This Silver Minnow is great for attraction because its silvery body is very noticeable in the sun and is very attractive. Also, it moves great through the weeds without getting caught.
This lure is based on a nearly 80 year old design and has been successful for that long in catching all kinds of fish. The lures 35 degree angle rocks the lure back and forth in a specific pattern that is unmatched for weedless lures. Its bright plating is very attractive to fish and its weedless design allows you to crank it through all kinds of cabbage!!!
4. Red Eyes - (1 oz)
This lure comes in weedless as well as the regular treble hook model. It gives a variation to the Silver Minnow lure if you find that it may not be working as well as you would like. The distictive red beaded eyes are something different than other lures and offer a variation to the normal casting spoon.
The bigger spoons are good for deeper sitting pike in the late summer months. The colors that are good in this lure are the firetiger, the red and white, and the brass, however keep in mind that the lure colors that work well for this lure on one lake may not work as well on another.
5. The Lindy GatorBack Spoon -
This lure is different because dozens of diamond shaped, multi faceted ridges cover much of the 4 1/2 inches of this lure. The front of the lure is a smooth surface and has a big eye that gives the appearance of a baitfish. This lure is very good for either casting or trolling and has been successful in many of the lakes that it has been tried. The colors that are good for Pike are Crimson Shad and Citrus Chub.
This lure can be found at
Please keep in mind that all of these lures have been used in Canada for Pike Fishing. It depends on the lake that you are fishing as to which will work better for you. I suggest having all of these lures in your tackle box at any time if you are heading to Canada to fish. These lures have over 25 years of use behind them and will catch you a lot of Pike. Although the orange hammer is by far my favorite (and a Lay family secret...SHHHH), I would bet my catch on any of the above lures.
Check back soon for a BIG picture of the Cabelas Generic. I promise to post it SOON!!!
Happy Fishing and Happy Lure Shopping ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

I'm Going CRUISING!!!!!

I AM GOING ON A CRUISE TO MEXICO!!! I planned this cruise in October of last year and the time has finally come to depart...almost. I hate these last few days before the trip really gets going as they seem to pass so slow!!!
I have traveled on this ship (the Carnival Line's Holiday Ship from Mobile, Alabama) and to these locations before, but I am still very excited to visit them again. During our cruise, we will be docking at Cozumel, Mexico and Calica/Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. During our stop to Cozumel, we will be taking an excursion on a SUBMARINE that will show us the Paraiso Reef. I always enjoy snorkeling, but because my grandmother in law is also traveling with us (and she does not snorkel), I really wanted to do some water adventures that she could also enjoy. She has never been able to see under the water before and so I thought this "floating aquarium" would be a divine idea for all of us. Can you imagine how many kinds of fish we will see??? I am very excited about this.
Also on that day, we will be visiting a beach where we can snorkel right off the shore. I am taking my 11 year old neice snorkeling and to the beach for the first time on this trip and so I am hoping to help her understand the value of our underwater life and the need for its preservation through the amazing activity of snorkeling. Being so close to the underwater life is really a magnificent treat.
On the days we visit Playa Del Carmen, we will be taking a visit to the ancient city of Tulum. Tulum is the name given to the city by the spanish conquistadors but it was originally named Zama (meaning sunrise in Mayan) by the Mayans who founded it. Tulum is different than many of the other ruins because it is located right on the shore. All other civilizations were founded inland. It has major significance, however, because it was a major pilgrimage made by women to worship and sacrifice to the fertility goddess. They went there to pray for their unborn children or for children in general. This pilgrimage was made by most women during the hey days of the Mayans.
One interesting fact about this ruined city is that it sits on one of the most magnificent beaches on the Yucatan and offers one of the most breathtaking views one will ever see. Many people compare Tulum to ruins like Chitzen Itza and find that it falls short. However, it cannot be compared in the normal apples to apples kind of way. Both have many unique qualities to offer the tourist. Chitzen Itza is the largest of the Mayan Ruin sites and is the most well preserved offering a true glimpse into the life of the Mayans. When Chitzen Itza was built it became the center of the Mayan Civilization and held one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, population of Mayan People. Until this city was built, the predominant city was Coba. Coba is located quite close to Tulum. Tulum, on the other hand, is viewed as a kind of fortress as it is enclosed by three rocked walls and the ocean. It was known as the walled city and rose to prodominance during the post-classical period (A.D. 1000-1500). The reasons behind its beauty and significance is found in other places than its structures.
I am very excited about the opportunity to view these places, and while cruising is not usually my choice for method of travel, it does give you a good bang for your buck. I will not get to do any fishing on this trip but the travel will be an amazing experience. I am always amazed at the ability of one to visit a place in the world and learn so many new things then re-visit that same place and learn so many new things. I never want to stop learning or traveling.
Happy Travels ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe
(Photograph above found at

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fishing Notebook... may ask...exactly is a fishing notebook. Well ~ the obvious answer would be a notebook about fishing. The more specific answer is..."where Lizzy keeps all her research about all things fishing...." A couple of years ago, when I began really getting into fishing, I wanted to research every camp and lodge available to me all around the world. I started looking at the internet and different fishing sites and ordering travel information, and then one day, I realized that I had about a thousand sites saved on my computer and no idea what any of them were. It was so confusing. I wanted to look up all the information I had gathered about Peacock Bass Fishing...but I had to sort through Pike Fishing sites to find it. What a MESS!!! So I started my fishing notebook. I started first with a small notebook devoted to Canada fishing only. But as I started really finding out how much I love to travel and fish, I realized I would need more areas in which to write notes. I have recently decided that I need a new fishing notebook. I realized I really did need much more space and I want to evolve it into not only a fishing notebook but also include information about places I would like to travel (and of course places to fish while there). My new notebook will be divided by species of fish. That way when I want to fish for Peacock Bass I can just flip to that section of fish. I also think that I will subdivide each species by destination. This time I have decided to use a 3 ring binder so that I can insert loose paper where needed. This will make it easier to add pages when they are needed because a section or subsection has filled up. And believe me...There are so many places I want to fish those sections fill up pretty fast. I am also going to add a section on interesting new lures and gear. I always find that keeping notes on new items is handy when it comes time to replace something old or worn out. For each lodge, camp or fishing location I write a short description that includes the camp name, name of the owners, cost of lodging and meals, cost of travel, address, phone number, website, the name of the body of water serviced, and any other information that I think is valuable. Its usally about a paragraph that I write but I always include all the information I would need to book the trip. I am very excited about this new fishing notebook. It will take my fishing hobby to a whole new level and put all of my information at my fingertips in a place that is easy to sort through and is organized. It is so easy just to throw it in your suitcase and take along on trips in case that you end up someplace unexpected and want to throw in a line. Well I am off to the store to purchase my binder, dividers and loose paper. This is a very exciting day!!! Happy Organizing ~ LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Like It Hot!!!!!!!

Tonight my husband, Cody, and I are traveling to Denver, Colorado via Amtrak Train. I am so excited. There is truly no travel like the train. It makes me feel like its once again the 30's and 40's and I feel so vintage and glamorous.
Riding on the train always reminds me of the old Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like It Hot." I really love that movie but it is getting harder and harder to find. So I have decided to locate them on the internet and purchase my favorites.
But back to our trip...My husband is going skiing which is always fun, but I am not skiing this time. I am just going along for the ride, but I will be taking along my new awesome fishing video game called Rapala's Fishing Frenzy 2009 for Playstation 3 and I hope like Hell they let me play it all day long!!! :) LOL...I got it the other night at the Cabela's sale and it pretty much rocks out...but thats another post. I will take along my laptop and hopefully will find some wireless internet to steal :)
Right now I have to go plan what to wear and what shoes out of my 500 pairs I should take. I know...I know...I am one in a million...a girl that likes to travel, fish, and be outdoors in nature all while wearing her 5 inch heels...LOL
Happy Travels ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe
PS - Yes this is me...standing in my evening gown outside in the middle of a creek!!! -->

Friday, March 6, 2009

North To Alaska...

So in May of 2007 I traveled to Alaska for an adventure. The trip did not let me down. It was a great adventure. I have never seen so much wildlife on one trip in my life. It was pretty amazing to say the least, and I would HIGHLY recommend the trip to anyone who is interested in the outdoors and amazing natural beauty. Anyways, what does this have to do with any present posting I may do? Well, today I was down in my basement sorting through some old tax documents (I know...ICK...but its that time of year) and guess what I came across?????? My old diary entries from that trip to Alaska. It was quite a lot of fun to sit down and read my entries because that trip was one of my first BIG adventures as a nature loving woman. I thought I would share some of it with here for todays post.
May 26, 2007: The flight was long or at least it seemed that way. Of course, I slept most of the trip so I can't really say for I find sleeping while traveling is the best sleeping one can find. We ate at McDonalds for dinner. I know most would ask...Why McDonalds? But eating there always reminds me of vacations and always gets me excited for the rest of the trip.
May 27, 2007: We made our way to Denali today. Denali National Park is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and all we had today was a shallow view of the park. Just a glimpse really of what it will offer us. Saw some Dall Sheep on the mountain with our Binoculars...they were so far away and really small...but it was still cool. They were very high up. We checked into Lakeview Inn afterwards and it is a beautiful lodge. The view is amazing here. We ate at McDonalds again...and a little local pizza place in Healy...This makes a HAPPY LIZZY.
May 28, 2007: Today we went on a hike...and was torturious. My legs were so on fire the whole way up...I am out of shape!!! It was so amazing at the top, though. We were about 20 feet away from some Dall Sheep and I got the most amazing pictures. That was so cool. PLUS we hiked up the Mountain so far the view was absolutely amazing. We ate at the inn for breakfast and ate at a local place called Salmon Bake for lunch and dinner in Denali.
May 29, 2007: Today we went on a bus tour of Denali. I saw GRIZZLIES right outside our bus. I took lots of video and photos of them. It was pretty amazing. The bears were so close. At one point, they walked right in front of the bus. Cody, Gregg, and Rikki went on a hike up to Mount Mckinley and so they did not see them. I was a lucky duck. We also saw moose and glaciers from far away.
May 30, 2007: Today we drove along the Denali Highway. It was the most amazing scenery. The mountains were beautiful and we saw a mosse and her was just barely walking straight so it must have been pretty young. The fishing wasn't as good as we hoped but we are going to keep trying along the little streams and ponds we come across on the drives. We stayed at a really overpriced inn...but oh well...we did get to eat at a really amazing little cafe that was super fun!!!
May 31, 2007: Today we drove back through anchorage and headed onwards to Seward. We had a flat and had to switch out the rental car. What a mess...We left achorage after visiting the Alaska Fur Exchange...what an interesting little place. It is a little pricey but fun nonetheless. I think for souvenirs of this trip I might frame some of my photos. We saw a moose on the side of the road that was so close it was scary...but I think he fell in love with me a little...he started following me to our car!!!
This is the moose that loved me!! Isn't he a cutie!!
June 1, 2007: Today was the Kenai Fjords Tour which I have been looking forward to for a while. The ocean was really rough though and I got seasick. I spent the majority of the tour on the bathroom floor of the boat. I wasn't the only one...there were a lot of other sickies too :) Although, we had to turn around before hitting the major scenery, I saw some of the most amazing things I have ever seen despite my sickness and all the nasty grossness that was me on this trip was totally worth it. I saw whales, bald eagles, sea lions, puffins, and otters. It was so awesome...and afterwards we visited exit glacier. This was pretty cool too...but its receding so fast that it makes me sad. Global warming sucks!! We drove to Homer and are staying in Anchor Point at this cool little cabin. I would like to have a B&B here someday I think :)
June 2, 2007: Today was Halibut Fishing!! 11 hours we spent on the ocean fishing and I loved it. I caught 5 fish overall. I kept 1 and that made me sad...I really don't like to keep the fish I catch but I hear these are the freshest and best tasting halibut ever and I want to take some to my dad. Cody and I together caught 16 lbs worth that we are taking home. My biggest fish was 26 pounds but I did not keep that one. The guide was so awesome. I had so much fun. Rikki caught a 65 lb fish and boy was that exciting!!! June 3, 2007: Cody, Gregg, and Rikki all went Salmon fishing this morning down in Homer but I elected to stay behind and do laundry and repack. Tomorrow we head out on a 3 day fly in trip to Salmon Fish at Alexander Creek and I wanted clean laundry before we go and do not have access to facilities. I cannot wait to fish for Salmon for 3 days. This should be great!!
That is the extent of my diary entries. I can tell you that Alexander Creek was disappointing...we missed the salmon spawn and therefore, did not catch but a few fish while we were there. I hear it occured about a few days after we left. The scenery was pretty amazing though and so all was not lost. This trip was one of the best I have been on. Typing up these journal entries takes me back and I realize now how bad I want to visit Alaska again. I think I would move there if given the chance. I highly recommend this trip and hope you enjoyed my post!!!
Have Fun and Happy Hiking ~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Thursday, March 5, 2009


WOW!!! $0.99 LURES...And no I am not lying. Cabelas is having a spring outdoor sale and they have 99 cent lures and $1.99 lures...I am so freaking excited to go browse the racks tonite. I sure hope they have something awesome left. The lures that are on sale include Rapala which excites me to no end. Well...Why the HELL are you still reading this blog...GO!! GO!! GO!! Happy Shopping ~ LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Bass Pro Shops Neoprene Fishing Gloves...

Okay...So I am a girl. Get over it!!! These gloves are so awesome even my husband wears them sometimes. Granted, I wear them all the time because fish are slimy, and the gloves make handling them easier...but believe me when I say that these gloves are really amazing.

Now, I get cold easy...but these neoprene gloves (even when wet) made my hands warmer. PLUS, the fingertip on the forefinger folds back for easy access to hooks and really have to try them out ASAP!!! I have at least 2 extra pairs in my tackle box!!!

Happy Fishing~

LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Cabela's Women's Gore-Tex All Leather Trail-Lite Hikers...

These waterproof, ultra-comfy hiking boots from Cabelas Outfitters are the by far the best purchase I have made in fishing footwear. The Gore-Tex material make this boot 100% WATERPROOF, and unlike other boots, these keep your feet dry almost all the way to the top of the boot. As I am sure you already know, this information is extremely important when purchasing a boot for fishing. Another really great thing about these boots is, because they are made for hiking, they have Vibram outsoles on the bottom and make standing and staying upright in a fishing boat much easier. They really grip the surface and help maintain balance while supporting your ankles while reeling in that monster fish!!!The leather is very attractive and the black toe allows the boot to compliment any style or color of clothing or rain gear. Okay...this shouldn't be important...but it doesn't hurt :)
I have worn these boots while hiking a mountain in Alaska, walking a mile to the stadium for a basketball game, AND while fishing for monster pike in Canada. They always do their job and keep my feet warm AND dry!!! Because they are so cute, you can wear them for casual stuff to and that makes them well worth the cost. These boots can be found at Cabela's stores or online at I suggest going there right away if you are looking for a great boot thats effective and stylish.
Happy Fishing~
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe
UPDATE: I just checked and it looks as though Cabelas may be discontinuing this style. They are currently on sale for $49.88 and there are not many sizes left. Before picking another style, however, I suggest taking a look at the mens section (product name Cabelas Gore-Tex Trail-Lite Hikers) to see if they might have a size that fits you there. The materials are different, as these are not all leather, but the style is the same. Women usually wear 1-2 sizes smaller in a man's shoe. I sometimes use this method to get the product that I really want and it works out just fine. The shoots usually fit exactly the same. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Camping In Canada...

So I have made the decision to go fishing WAY MANY MORE times this summer. We don't live too far from the border and so I have been doing some massive research on fishing in Ontario. I hear the fishing is pretty good there, and although the lakes are more frequented by fisherpeople, I think it will be a good time. Surely, there is enough fish to go around.
Because great fishing trips are usually pretty pricey, most of my research has been centered on finding the best fishing at the lowest cost. The first place I looked was to a site that is great for fishing places in Ontario ( This site lists most, if not all, of the camps, lodges, and sites that are available for those looking for a great place to fish. I started out thinking that maybe a drive-in lodge would be the place because most of them offer somewhat secluded fishing at half the cost of a fly-in lodge. However, the costs of these are still somewhat large for what I was looking to do (which was a 3 day/2 night trip). I just wanted a long weekend getaway.
Upon researching, I came across some camp grounds that offer tent sites with boat rentals. BINGO!!! These camps cost around $30-40 dollars per day plus the cost of the boat and motor rental which runs usually around $75-90 dollars a day, but split between two or three people that isn't all that much. Camping is always fun, and you really never know who you will meet or what you will find. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire in the evenings and sharing or listening to the big story of the day.
Another interesting option I found was in the form of a cabin/hotel type of accomodation which runs around $80 dollars per day for a cabin. This might be interesting to look into. One site that I found is located at It looks interesting, but this summer, I think I am gonna be all about the camp sites.
A couple of sites I found are JR's Portage Bay Camp ( and Jerry & Ellie's Cedar Lake Camp ( I am very interested in these two camps as the site looks nice and well kept. Another camp site that looks really nice and fun is Country Camping and Cabins ( I am going to contact them to see if I can get any info about the place they have. It looks really cool and super fun, and at $50 bucks a day for a cottage,the price is pretty good.
So far I have about 3-4 pages in my fishing notebook filled. Yes...I have a fishing notebook where I keep interesting websites and locations that I might want to visit. The fishing notebook is a great place to keep all those ideas in one, manageable place that you can come back to at any time...BUT the fishing notebook is another post.
If anyone has heard about any of the camps mentioned in this post or has any ideas about another that I might have missed...leave me a comment and let me know. I am super excited about these mini-trips. SO MUCH FUN to be had this summer~!!!
Happy Fishing...and Camping :)
LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

My Lucky Spinner...

My Lucky Spinner...

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