Friday, February 20, 2009

The All Canada Show in Omaha Nebraska...

So a few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Omaha, Nebraska for the All Canada Show (by Now, I had been looking forward this show for a while. I mean...really...what is better than gathering up some of the most awesome lakes and lodges in Canada and putting them all in one place!!! How can a person not get excited.
Upon arrival at the Holiday Inn Expo Center, I was barely able to contain my excitement. I had already spent weeks perusing the All Canada website and looking at all the great vendors that were planning on attending the show. Some of the best lakes and lodges were planning on showing...and this show is a great opportunity to meet the faces behind the camps and pick up some information to help plan and research your next big trip. Additionally, this show offers you a great opportunity to apply for your passport if you are still in need of one. Remember that starting this year, you cannot travel out of and especially back into the United States with a valid passport!!!!
By far the best part of the show was sipping an ice cold bottle of Labatt Blue while viewing the many photos of monster fish that each lodge had to offer. I think that Labatt Blue might be my new favorite beer if for no other reason than it reminds me of fishing and Canada everytime I take a sip. The show was also supposed to give away a free Eppinger Lure (red and white...go Canada!!) to every person who came and paid admission on the first night. However, by the time I arrived they did not have anymore, and so, I was out of luck :(
One of the booths that I liked the best was the booth for Edmund Lake Lodge ( where my husband and I were able to chat with the owner/guide, Greg Dick, who has recently bought the lodge and operates an outpost on Kistigan Lake. We have always been very interested in visiting this lake to fish for Northern Pike, and it was great to chat with Greg and really get a feel for how the business is run. He seemed like such a friendly, knowledgeable guy who would work to make your trip the best it could be. Other booths that were interesting were Bolton Lake Lodge, who is owned by the same family as Edmund Lake Lodge, Kississing Lodge, Travel Manitoba, Atikwa Lake Lodge, Nestor Falls Fly In Lodge and Showalters Fly In Service. There were many other outfitters there, and I suggest heading over to the website to check it all out!!! I do not know how many, if any, shows are left on the schedule this year. Omaha is the last one listed on the website. However, the website does offer the ability to gain all the information that was at the show in one neatly compiled place.
The show itself left me a bit disappointed. I was expecting more vendors than were actually there, and I think perhaps a few were not able to make it at the last minute. Overall, I did end up with a super big pile of information that I will spend many days pouring over after my dreaded bar exam next week. It's something to look forward to...I can't wait!!!!
~Happy Fishing~
Lizzy aka The Fisherbabe :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Great Article From Miss Rikki...One Of My All Time Favorite Fisherbabes!!

Eat Healthy On Your Trip
By Miss Rikki
What should I take to eat on my fishing trip that will not perish yet be nutritious? This is a question any Fisherbabe has to deal with when they are about to embark on a weeklong journey to a secluded, no grocery store, uncivilized area. Maybe you are not traveling to a remote fishing spot, but are just wondering what would last on the boat. I have had several first-hand experiences dealing with this type of trip. Long hours riding in the car to reach the airport where the float plane and the WEIGHT LIMIT awaits requires foods that don't need much maintenance and are sturdy.
Here are some suggestions on what to take in each of the 5 food groups:
Vegetables: Carrots (great for the boat!), broccoli, canned veggies such as green beans, grape tomatoes in their containers, english cucumbers
Fruits: Apples, oranges, raisins, grapefruitMeats: Any but they need to be kept cool-there is always fish in the lake if you come up short! Eggs hard-boiled before the trip will last.
Dairy: Unfortunately, no yogurt, cottage cheese or milk for the long hour trips. This can pose a problem for calcium, maybe supplement with calcium-Posture D Calcium at your local pharmacy. Whey protein from the dairy group is also missing. Protein powders are a good choice because they contain both whey protein and calcium in a form that will not perish.
Fats: Peanut butter, any type of nuts
Breads: Bagels-I suggest Western Bagel's whole grain bagel that has an amazing nutrition label, 18 grams of protein in one bagel! Whole grain breads-Ezekial bread is tasty. Cereals (make note that milk is often unavailable) -Kashi cereals are nutritious and filling, Cinnabon Cinnamon Crunch is a cereal I recently discovered that is not full of sugars, no sodium and is whole grain!
Granola Bars Granola-doesn't take much since it is high in calories.
Oatmeal - Another good, healthy option that can be made with just water. Remember, you can add any of your favorite fruits to the oatmeal to make it yummy and sweet!!
The food situation is frustrating when you don't know what you can take and what you can't. With these tips hopefully you will be on your way to an easy grocery store excursion! Good Luck and Good Eats!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where Are All The Fisherbabes... I have been doing my research on all the fishing sites out there on the World Wide Web. I have come to the conclusion that either there really aren't that many of us out there...or girls that really love fishing have some self confidence issues and do not want to be featured on the web. If the latter is true, then I am sad. I started with a search of "fishing and girls" and came up with a couple of sites selling gear "especially made for women". I am not interested in these types of sites because I use the same gear my husband uses and it rocks. Seriously, the best you can find anywhere. I mean, why do I need "special gear" because I am girl? Anyways...other than those sites, there is not anything that pops up. Second, I try "fishing babes." I will admit, in retrospect, I can see the similarity to a porn search, and that is what I got...a bunch of photos of girls doing disgusting things with fishing rods. Okay, maybe that wasn't such a great idea. So next, I try "girls who fish". This turns up a few sites that are mildly interesting but nothing like what I see on some of my favorite blogs and websites for fishing. I guess it is still a really male dominated sport, and I can see why that is. Most girls do not wanna get their hands dirty. This I can understand...I wear gloves. are slimy!! Anyways, the more I started thinking about it, the more I realized that there are no fishing shows that feature girls as the resident fishing know-it-all, nor are there any magazines that really feature articles by women who fish. I am gonna give the sport the benefit of the doubt and assume this is because not a lot of women go out of their way to demand that magazines and tv channels put in some women. This isn't such a bad thing. I certainly learn from the articles that men write on the various aspects of fishing, and I always enjoy the fishing shows. I guess what I do not understand is why there are only two choices for women who are interested in finding other women who fish: a site trying to sell them a pink rod and reel set or porn. Maybe things will change...maybe more women will see that fishing is not just a man's sport anymore. Although, I am not counting on it. Maybe things will change when Gucci starts producing a platform, patent leather boat shoe that will repel water and has 800 gram Thinsulate and Chanel produces rain gear with the attributes and quality of gore-tex but featuring the fashion giant's signature logo. LOL...I will stop now. Have Fun and GO FISHING!!! ~LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Saturday, February 14, 2009

NatGeo HD For Valentines Day...

So...I have been totally into watching this new channel we get on Cable called NatGeo HD. That's short for National Geographic Channel. There are so many good shows on it for the general public like The Dog Whisperer and DogTown, and the Channel also features general interest shows like Locked Up Abroad. But then in the evenings, the channel mostly turns into theater for the likes of nerds like me. There are also some really great specials like Monster Fish of the Congo, which explores the Congo River in Africa. This show is amazing and features a group of scientists that are looking for interesting data on fish that live in the river. They discover, via a group of ballsy and adventurous kayakers, that the Congo has depths of over 700 feet in some areas and that many new and exciting fish live in those deep waters. One specific species has no eyes, and when caught in fishermen's nets, it was always caught dead. The scientest had a breakthrough and realized that the fish had gas bubbles in its skin from swimming too fast from deep waters and the rapid decompression kills it just like it would us!! It was quite an interesting revelation. In another program, Darwin's Secret Notebooks, the guide takes you on tour of the world and repeats the path of Darwin when he traveled on the S.S. Beagle. The show is an amazing view of many different places and is so enjoyable, if not for the knowledge gained, for the views in affords. The channel also features a special called Morphed which is pretty interesting to say the least. It follows the evolutionary patterns of several animals that we live with today and gives insight into the early ancestors of animals like turkeys and whales. It really is one of the most interesting shows I have seen in a while. Tonight, the channel features Africa's Deadly Dozen which takes the viewer to the world of animals such as the black mamba and the lion. Right now I am watching Galapagos: Hell's Cradle. It is an interesting program on the unique geology of the islands and how they were formed. Next up, Monster Fish of the Congo. Such great natural programs call for respect, and I wanted to offer some. So...if you can't afford to travel this Valentine's Day or take your sweetie someplace romantic, fear not!!! Just sit back, relax, and turn on your t.v. to be transported across the world and into an adventure. And believe me, when your valentine gets a sight of that Tiger Fish from the Congo...she'll be pressed up against your chest faster than you can say "I'd rather be fishing!!" Have Fun and Happy Valentines Day ~ LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

Friday, February 13, 2009


May 2008
Our trip to Burntwood Lake Lodge in Manitoba, Canada was my first trek into the wild country of Canada. When my husband, Cody, expressed interest in taking me along on one of his week long trips to rough it and fish like crazy everyday all day in some remote location in a country I had never been before, I admit I was a bit weary. I mean, I like to fish...but I am a real girlie girl. I like shoes that are inappropriate for boats and mud and fish scales, and I like dresses and make-up and hot rollers :) As a matter of fact, my first thought may have been related to the luggage and weight limitations that the fly-in outpost camps give to their visitors. I was puzzled on the matter of fitting all the stuff I would need into one duffel bag.Regardless to say, I packed lighter than usual. There are many uses for 4 inch platform snake skin Jessica Simpson pumps, but fishing in Canada, sadly, is not on that list. I gave up on the idea of hot rollers and the like when I realized that the cabin we were staying in did not have actual electricity. A wood burning stove would keep us warm at night and we would have nice, warm showers. According to my husband, this was a real luxury, and I was appalled at his definition of luxury!!!
I must admit that I had a ton of fun shopping for gear and tackle. I did not have alot of the tackle that I would need for the trip so a trip to Cabelas Outfitters was imperative. Cabelas is an amazing store and I had such a great time shopping for tackle boxes, rain gear, boots, and that special, secret lure that would surely catch me the biggest fish of all time!!! In the end, I would quickly find out you only really need two lures when fishing in Canada, but I was prepared none the less. I am proud to say that, after a few more trips to Cabelas (and, my collection of gear and tackle would make any fisherman or fisherbabe totally jealous.
Arriving at Burntwood Lake Lodge was an experience, because we had to fly in on a float plane. I had done this one other time in Alaska, and it was pretty fun then. This time I got a little air sick but ended up just fine. We threw our stuff in the cabin and headed to the Lake. That first afternoon turned up nothing major...I caught a 5 or 6 pounder right a way and then nothing else for the rest of the day. But, I knew it would get better!!!
After that first afternoon, the fish were caught in swarms. I bet I caught at least 200 walleye over the week and countless Northern Pike. Most of mine were smaller...I guess you have to put in the time and the trips to finally catch that monster....but I did catch an 8 - 9 pounder that last day. Even though I did not catch the monster, my husband caught numerous large Pike, as did my father in law and sister in law who were both in the other boat. I have to say, I did an amazing job of working that net, though!!
The camp and cabins turned out to be more than I could have hoped for, and the meals that the cook prepared for us were absolutely amazing, to say the least. We had steak, pork, potatoes, and many more delicious dishes. I will not get into the desserts, because I would be typing all night. The staff there were so awesome, and they really made the trip special. I cannot say enough great things about their service and great attitudes.
All in all, my first trip to Canada was so amazing that I have been dying to go back ever since we returned. We have another trip planned in May of this year, but that is not soon enough. I was completely hooked (pun intended) on Canada fishing that first evening when, after dinner, I sat down in front of the big picture window at the Lodge, cracked open an ice cold bottle of Labatt Blue Canadian Beer, and stared at the most amazing and peaceful sunset I had ever seen in my life. The fish were jumping, and I found myself in a state of mind that is not common these days...completely stress free and relaxed.
And as for all my worries about high heels and hot rollers, all it took was one tug on my line to change my way of thinking. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling that first bite...anything could be down there, and there is no better exercise for an imagination than having a fish on your line. PLUS, I really like my hiking boots from Cabelas...and my hubby things they are hot!!!
But now that I think about it, they really should make those boots in metallic snakeskin...then life really would be perfect!!!~
~LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe
Please visit if you would like more information on visiting this fantastic lodge and outpost camp.

Just Starting Over...

Ok...For MONTHS now I have been trying to get a blog going and linked to my website!!! I have to sucks and it's hard!!! Finally, after countless problems with another blog hosting site (which I will not name because I am nice) I just decided maybe it would be better to just try it here. After all, I am just linking it anyways right? So here I am...starting all over again for the FIFTH TIME...its getting kindof old. Hopefully, it will all be worth the trouble in the end. I wanted this site to be dedicated to all those super sexy chicas who love the outdoors and who love to fish and to all the guys who love us!!! I have been researching fishing websites for MONTHS AND MONTHS and have yet come across any fun sites for girls who love the sport. I even searched for photos of girls fishing and having fun and...yeah...that was not such a great idea... LOL :) Anyways...I think this venture will be a fun one and I cannot wait to work on it and shape it into something great!! Have Fun and Enjoy :) ~LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe

My Lucky Spinner...

My Lucky Spinner...

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